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Stumpy + week long break + My server blacklist

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Stumpy + week long break + My server blacklist

Post  ezeiger92 on Tue Aug 10, 2010 2:17 am

Stumpy asked if he could be unbanned from teamspeak today... As we know, he could have just connected because of his extremely unstable IP. I had to leave to pack for my trip, but I left the conversation (yes, conversation, not Philippino hooker noises) with high hopes that he has actually matured a little. I've known him on mumble for a while, and he is NOT all bad. I think that his reputation may cause you guys to act differently towards him, which if that happened to me, would make me feel awkward and not welcome. If you talk to Stumpy as a normal person, (which he is), he will generally respond in a normal fashion. If you get him worked up with shouting and bad language, he will reflect that behavior. (This means YOU George!)

I suggest just to be normal when he is around. If he is being annoying, ask him to stop or ignore him. I honestly don't believe that it is necessary for Vault to change the teamspeak IP to avoid Stumpy.

On a side note, I am going to be sweating in Arizona for a week xD
If you guys could help my servers by keeping the 'one person private' from happening, that would be awesome! Try to get names of people who do it... IP addresses as well.

So far, the main offender is 'gunner[HUN]' ( 'killer2' )

'Bong|PWNER|GER' is also on my list... but his main thing is kicking everyone and then leaving. Irritating, but not too bad.

'[SAO]ogro' ( 'ogro' ): typical mapfucker... shouldn't have to worry about him too much, as none of you edit much.

My grandparents DO have internet, so I will probably end up back on this forum a few times, possibly teamspeak as well.
Sauerbraten is not as likely.


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I think your right

Post  DeathStar on Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:11 am

I think your right,

if you just talk to him normally, he'll act normal back.

I admit to going a little crazy sometimes bounce so sorry about that

Anyways, nice post lol!

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