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Dr.Pizzazz In Da House!

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Dr.Pizzazz In Da House!

Post  Dr.Pizzazz on Thu May 10, 2012 10:45 pm

Hey home slices! Slices of pizza that is... So anyway I was just chillin when my little bro got on sauerbraten. Then... i kind of went on it as well and judged it still alive and well, though not quite as much as it's peek a while ago. So guess what i'm getting an itchin for? Yep: Pizzafun maps! I have already secured a source to get a few of my old ones back, but i'm starting a new one. not that anyone has played sauer recently. Just decided to share. if anyone wants to chat or something 9related or unrelated) you can always pm me or email me. Ciao! Very Happy


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